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Sérgio Prata Garcia is a Brazilian artist who produces sculptures, frescoes paintings, icons, stained glass, murals, sacred art, drawings and printings. Prata is the creator of the 3 phase paintings, a contemporary procedure of painting in complete darkness and with ultraviolet lights. 

Prata had his break when he won the XV Brazilian Championship of Sand Sculptures organized by Air France in February 1981. 

The award gave him the opportunity to go to Paris and study at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, the very same school in which Renoir, Ingres and Delacroix studied.

The Prata Art Studio is a place of sharing painting techniques and knowledge of art. 

Take a look at the available paintings for private collections.


Located near the bustling city of São Paulo, Prata´s art studio has became the heart of painting technique research for students and artists from all over the world.


Prata is in the process of writing an online Encyclopedia of Art which includes painting techniques, coursework and instructional videos.



Photos and texts of the 3 phase paintings.



While in Paris, Sérgio dedicated his efforts to studying traditional painting methods.

He is one of the very few artists who employs the fresco techniques used in the works of master artists like Giotto, Masaccio, Michelangelo and Portinari.

This home page gives us a taste of his work as well as old painting technique secrets.

Visit this page often to see his lastest methods and painting secrets, like the use of beeswax in the production of  murals and canvas.



You can also learn more about his most recent cultural releases, including some of his books -  Painting Techniques and Anatomy For Artists



Prata has also been commissioned
to do sacred art paintings in several Brazilian churches in the state of Sao Paulo, where he has lived for the last few years. 

He went to Paris in 2002, as "Professeur en stage" at Painting Technics studio in the Ensb-a, working with his master Mr. Abraham Pincas and with Helène Yankoff at Saint Luc Icon's Studio, and returned in 2006, to visit art studios in Bretagne, Bourgogne, and Paris, sponsored by Sennelier and Raphael.

In 2008, Prata went to France, Greece, Italy and Mexico, to display his work and visit important places for art, such as Mount Athos, Lascaux caves (Dordogne, France) and the Mexican murals.

New 3 phase paintings

Prata is the creator of the triphasics paintings, with phosphorescent and ultraviolet dry pigments and filters.

Prata won the painting prize at the Biannual of Chapingo, Mexico

Interviews (available in Brazilian Portuguese)

Recent Art Courses


The complete version is available in Portuguese.










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