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may 2011


International art prize

The 3 phases art works of Sérgio Prata got the 3d. prize of painting at the Chapingo Bienal of Contemporary Art.
270 artists from 36 countries showed their art works in Mexico. 

The 3 phase painting of Sérgio Prata, inspired by the genesis, was a painting of creation. When you turn off the lights and turn on the ultraviolet lights, the Virgin of Gaudalupe appears.



Juan Jorge Diáz Rivera, Biannual Director giving the prize to Sérgio Prata.



Elodie Rosier (France) José Barata (Portugal), Sérgio Prata (Brazil), Blanca Garduño (Mexico).

Juan Jorge Diáz Rivera (Director), Sérgio Prata and his fiancée Karin Klein (Brazil), Paloma (Chile), and others latin american artists.

Brazilian artists: Luciano Mello (sculptor), Denise Milan, Sérgio Prata and Oscar Araripe.
On the left side, above, Elodie Rosier (France).

In front of one of the big frescoe´s of Diego Rivera, National Palace, Mexico City.

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