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april 2011


3 phase paintings

Sérgio Prata is the creator of the 3 phase paintings, a new kind of art. The artist works in complete darkness or under ultraviolet lights at night. His paintings can be seen in the dark, in the light and under ultraviolet lights, so each painting has a total of three different works on it.

In october 1996, Sérgio Prata painted the 2 phases Pantocrator at Santa Terezinha´s Church of Bragança (Brazil), where you can see the face of Christ in the darkness, as showed in the picture.

In October 1996, Sérgio Prata combined emulsified beeswax and phosphorescent pigments to create a new paint, which allowed him to paint in total darkness. Here you can see the face of the Holy Shroud on the chest of the Pantocrator at the apse of the church Santa Terezinha in Bragança Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

By using the phosphorescent encaustic, Sérgio made his first works biphasic, where one can appreciate one version of the painting in the light of day and view a completely different work of art by nightfall. After some more research, Sérgio experimented with ultraviolet light and developed a third technical phase thereby creating works that can be seen in daylight, under ultraviolet light and in total darkness.

At the same time, Prata continued to work with his biphasic painting, and his show at a Curitiba Art Gallery was succesfull. 


From the artist:

"The 3 phase art works are a new procedure of painting I invented. It was hard to create it...the materials taught me how to work with them. Each one has his own reasons and limits. I work in the darkness, and manipulate my own materials under ultraviolet lights."



"In the darkness, you can see a different painting.

Sometimes, it seems to be a kind of revelation.

At Saint Sebastian canvas, we can see Irene, and a nude, in different lights. It was one of my first 3 phase works."

Private collection.















When you turn on the ultraviolet lights, you can see the Mary´s Assomption, and some ultraviolet angels, that are invisible in daylight.










When you turn on the ultraviolet lights in the darkness At the Univap Chapel, some musical angels appear!

















Private collection, São Paulo (SP).













Private collection, New York. 2005.













"3phase Christ", Private collection.















The Mexican prize at the of Chapingo Bienal




The Nossa Sra. Aparecida Mural.



























Painting with ultraviolet lights...



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